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The Art of Blind Tasting © Dennis Manarchy, used with permission
Do you have a real thirst for knowledge? Do you taste with a critical and spirited mindset?
Are you a beverage professional in the Chicagoland area? Then Tastings may be for you.
How We Work
We conduct blind tastings of wines, beers, and spirits several days a week to produce our ratings and reviews. Our tasting panels are comprised of experienced professional buyers and tastemakers- some of the best restaurateurs, mixologists, brewers, sommeliers, and journalists in the drinks industry.
Why Taste With Us?
Our judges don’t rest on their laurels; they love challenging their palates and learning. They want to get to the next level in their careers by passing WSET certifications, Cicerone, or other exams. Tastings on one of our panels is a chance to network with fellow panelists to learn about the latest products and developments; get your foot in the door, or even your brand on the shelves. You never know who may be in the room with you and we pride ourselves on connecting peers in the drinks industry.
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Beer Judge Nick Pizzo talks about what he's learned tasting beer at Tastings.com
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