About Croatian Spirits

About Croatian Spirits
There are numerous spirits produced in Croatia; brandies - some like grappa and others like aged brandy - are most famous. There are also numerous fruit brandies made from plum, apricot and pear. Liqueurs include those made from honey and maraschino cherry; there are also a few strongly flavored herbal liqueurs as well.

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Melkior Honey Liqueur
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Hazy golden amber color. Earthy, sweet aromas and flavors of manuka honeycomb, cashew fruit, nut buckwheat toast, and leather and chamomile tea with a silky, soft, fruity sweet light-to-medium body and a sleek, captivating, breezy finish that presents touches of caramel latte, hint of peppered melon rind, herbed prunes, and bee pollen and propolis finish. An interesting rustic honey herb liqueur for adventurous cocktails.
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