About Swedish Whisky

About Swedish Whisky
Whisky has only been produced in Sweden since 1999 when Macmyra first began distilling. Since then a handful of single malt producers have popped up in the country that previously had no tradition of making whisky. Inspired by Scotland's single malts but decidedly Swedish in grain selection and use of oak, these whiskys are an interesting drink to seek out.

Top Picks for Swedish Whisky

Spirit of HVEN Tychos Star Swedish Single Malt Whisky
90 points
Bright gold color. Elegant aromas of ripe apricot, alfalfa on rye, creme fraiche, roasted grain, nougat with dried fruits, buckwheat honey, wintergreen, and milk chocolate coated dried currants with a round, vibrant, fruity medium body and a tingling, intricate, medium-long violet, smoked almonds, and saltine cracker finish. A delicious whiskey with engaging flavor twists and turns and a delicate kiss of smoky char.