About English Whisky

About English Whisky
Though English whiskies are deeply in the shadow of their counterparts from Scotland, there are some excellent examples. The single malts, some of them peated, are excellent, with a golden yellow color, spicy, smoky aromas and a peppery finish. Though not as refined or as multilayered as the single malts from Scotland, these are quite impressive and make for elegant sippers, with or without a cigar.

Top Picks for English Whisky

Bimber Single Malt London Whisky Batch 3
96 points
A big and beautiful Whisky with a savory nose and fresh fruit on the palate.
Awards: 2022 Best English Whisky
Bimber 12 Year Aged Apogee XII Pure Malt English Whisky
95 points
A world-class Whisky that will keep those kilted cousins on notice.