About French Whisky

About French Whisky
The French drink more Scotch whisky than anyone else and today, there are a few distilleries, primarily in Brittany, that craft a different style of whiskey. These are not peaty examples with notes of iodine as in Scotland, but rather elegant styles with notes of apricot, toffee and orange marmalade with a gentle spicy finish. The best are quite elegant and stylish and would be fine sipped in a small snifter or mixed in refined cocktails.

Top Picks for French Whisky

Kornog Single Malt French Whisky
89 points
A lovely French Whisky with a nice balance of smoke, sweetness and grain.
Brenne Estate Cask Single Malt French Whisky
87 points
A beautiful and fruity summer sipper.
Brenne 10 Year Single Malt French Whisky
86 points
A nice Whisky to sip while you wait for your French wines to come of age in the cellar.