About Other Grain Whiskey

About Other Grain Whiskey
Other grain whiskeys are blended from a number of grains, such as rye, corn, wheat and malted barley. These are produced in numerous countries, from Ireland to artisan distillers in the USA. These whiskeys are usually aged for several years (five to eight or longer) in oak barrels and have flavor profiles that vary according to the blend of grains; notes of cinnamon, olive, walnut, leather and praline are common. These are often limited production whiskeys and are meant for sipping in a small snifter.

Top Picks for Other Grain Whiskey

Don Michael Andean Black Corn Whiskey
91 points
With dark roasted corn notes, mocha and molasses tones, this Whiskey is dark, brooding, and complex.
Awards: 2022 Best Corn Whiskey
Suntory Ao World Blended Whiskey
90 points
An intriguing and well balanced, lightly smoky Whiskey that will be fun to experiment with in cocktails.