About Indian Whisky

About Indian Whisky
Whiskey became part of Indian culture due to the British rule and influence; today, it is quite popular. Much Indian rums is based on molasses, which makes these products actually closer to rum, but in recent decades, traditional whiskeys, made from malted grains, are now being produced and there are even single malts made in India. There are a little more than a dozen distilleries in the country and India is one of the largest producers of whiskey in the world.

Top Picks for Indian Whisky

Amrut Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whisky
95 points
Cask strength Whisky poured over your honey and apple cinnamon breakfast cereal mix; the intensity of the flavors is dialed in.
Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky Batch No. 1475
94 points
Spiced tropical fruits with a warm and honeyed sweetness make this a natural pairing with a spicy, sweet, medium bodied cigar; like a Carmen Miranda headdress in your glass.
Amrut Peated Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whisky
94 points
Smoky and salted dry mango with plenty of wood and grain notes; curious yet delicious.
Amrut Bagheera Indian Single Malt Whisky
94 points
A delightful Indian Whiskey with beautiful fruit, grain, light peat and barrel aromas to savor all day.
Rampur Sangam World Malt Indian Whisky Batch No. 504
93 points
A great introduction to Indian Whisky that would entice the lifelong Scotch or Bourbon drinker to join the world Whisky club.
Rampur Asava Cabernet Sauvignon and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Indian Single Malt Whisky Batch No. 1348
92 points
Savory and spicy up front with complex fruit and nut flavors dancing on the palate.
Royal Circle Indian Whisky
87 points
Best Buy
A solid everyday pour with good complexity of grain, floral notes, and barrel characteristics.
87 points $7 Best Buy
Amrut Neidhal Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky
87 points
A complex and highly aromatic sipper to be enjoyed by itself or paired with a mild cigar.