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November 2023 - Innovative & Experimental Spirits

November 2023 - Innovative & Experimental Spirits
This month's Wine feature is US Pinot/Gris/Grigio/Noir Part 2 Wines

Innovative & Experimental Spirits Reviews

Terrapin Gin
94 points
A delicious sipper with a very pronounced licorice note.
BroVo Uncharted Rhapsody American Forest Liqueur
94 points
Bring back the classic cocktail for this one and you'll have someone crazier than Harvey Dent banging down the walls in the most delicious way.
Georgian Bay 10th Anniversary Edition Gin Batch No. 5
93 points
Very pleasingly interesting and a bit sweet on the nose, almost like a Gin candy.
Sorel Artisanal Liqueur
92 points
A pleasing liqueur that skews a little sweet and will fit the bill for your post-holiday meal digestif.
Brother Justus Whiskey Company Cold-Peated® American Single Malt Whiskey
91 points
A beautifully complex and delicious take on American Single Malt that is unlike any Malt Whiskey previously experienced.