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February 2023 - Mixers & Large Format RTDS

February 2023 - Mixers & Large Format RTDS
This month's Spirits feature is Mixers & Large Format RTDS

Mixers & Large Format RTDS Reviews

Altos Classic Lime Margarita
95 points
Best Buy
Nice clean agave flavors with a splash of lime and salt without too much manipulation will make you very happy to sip this.
95 points Best Buy
Bartender’s Handshake Old Fashioned
94 points
A very respectable and slightly spicy sweet Old Fashioned that is just plain delicious.
Ch Espresso Martini
94 points
A perfectly balanced, rich espresso martini with loads of robust, dark roasted flavors balanced with a touch of cocoa sweetness.
Sunday’s Finest Gold Fashioned 2022 Blend
94 points
Simple, classic, and well constructed; a great campfire cocktail for when you want something elevated but don't have your full bar accessible.
Fever-Tree Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade
93 points
A slightly bitter yet easy drinking lemon soda to refresh and awaken the palate; perfect to mix with your favorite Spirit.
Patio Punch Spicy Watermelon Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
93 points
If you're looking for something savory with a spicy kick, this is for you; would pair well with some South American and SE Asian cuisine.
Member’s Mark Egg Nog Cream Liqueur
93 points
Best Buy
Rich and creamy with loads of holiday spices, this would make an excellent boozy extra addition to your Irish coffee, or spiked with your favorite Whiskey.
93 points $9.98 Best Buy
Top Note Grapefruit Mixer
92 points
Subtle grapefruit with delicate citrus flavors, this grapefruit soda will mix wonderfully with clear spirits and soda.
Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
92 points
Sweet and savory Bloody Mary with zippy acidity that would be great with a BBQ brunch.
Patio Punch Ginger Grapefruit Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
88 points
Ginger and citrus deliver for a slightly nutty and savory cocktail experience.
Ripe Bar Juice Margarita Mixer
88 points
Absolutely delightful with layers of fruit and herbs; the next best option to squeezing limes and making a fresh cocktail yourself.
Fever-Tree Blood Orange Ginger Beer
87 points
A spicy, tingling, and fresh ginger beer with a zesty splash of citrus.
Manhattan Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
87 points
A solid whiskey cocktail for on the go that packs a punch.
Simple Times Mixers Blueberry Basil Lemonade Cocktail Mixer
86 points
Best Buy
Berries, citrus, and herbs combine for an interesting mix.
86 points $14.99 Best Buy
Ripe Bar Juice San Marzano Bloody Mary Mixer
85 points
An interesting Bloody Mary with loads of umami characteristic.
Barefoot NV Sangria California
85 points
A fresh and fruity sangria; party in a bottle.
85 points $6.99
Slrrrp Shots Cinnamon Whiskey Gelatin Shot
85 points
This offers up autumn baking spices and brown sugar cookie in a fun shot.
85 points $10.99
Zing Zang Margarita Mix
84 points
A solid mixer that's totally acceptable if you don't feel like squeezing your own limes.
Simple Times Mixers Simple Margarita Cocktail Mixer
84 points
Simple and straightforward, this would make an excellent option for your punch bowl at any party.
84 points $14.99
Mahalo Blackberry Lemonade Vodka Low-Calorie Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
84 points
Nostalgic with pleasant notes reminiscent of the flavors from childhood.
84 points $15.99