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Reviews for 2023

July 2023 - World Cider Championships®

July 2023 - World Cider Championships<sup>®</sup>
This month's Wine feature is Cider Wines

World Cider Championships® Reviews

Aval Cider  Blanc French Cider
95 points
Fun and approachable, with a balancing rustic touch and a gentle kiss of tannin; a delightful introduction to cider.
Aval Cider  Gold French Cider
95 points
Very farmhouse-y without being overly funky; lots of complex flavors that lend themselves well to drinking easily without blowing out the palate.
Brick River Cider Co.  Honey Crisp Apple Low Alcohol Cider
93 points
A very fruity and delightful cider, the elderflower adds some classy depth and the acidity keeps everything in balance; very well done.
Highpoint Cider  Tram-Line Mosaic Dry Hopped Cider
93 points
A fantastic use of Mosaic, that shows off the properties of this hop in a pure and focused way that most beers can't; exceedingly well done.
Highpoint Cider  Transplant New England Style Semi-Dry Cider
92 points
True and authentic, this naturally cloudy cider doesn't hide it's rustic heritage and keeps you guessing until the end.
Wyders  Prickly Pineapple Fruit Cider
92 points
Very lively and tropical fruity; have with some pineapple pork kabob skewers!
Woodchuck  Blueberry Fruit Cider
89 points
Just plain fun; doesn't challenge, doesn't startle, just gives a good time.
Aval Cider  Rosé French Cider
88 points
Juicy and fruity but balances its sweetness quite well; easily enjoyed on its own but with enough structure and acid to be a great food cider.
Wyders  Pear Fruit Cider
88 points
A touch of sweetness makes this an extra approachable crowd pleaser.
Brick River Cider Co.  Homestead Peach Hard Cider
87 points
Unapologetically what it is, delicious fresh peach flavor; like biting from a peach freshly picked in the orchard.
Highpoint Cider  Spur Semi-Dry Ginger Session Cider
87 points
Perhaps the second best beverage to have with omakase.
Woodchuck  Amber Hard Cider
87 points
A sweet and sexy cider that comes with a sweet sugary intro and satisfies with a crisp swallow.
Woodchuck Hard Cider  Bellini Cider
87 points
Fresh, bright and delicate, this is a lovely drinking cider that goes down easy with no challenges.
Wyders  Imperial Grapefruit Fruit Cider
87 points
Delivers exactly what it promises; Incredibly bright and fresh.
Highpoint Cider  Prairie Punch Fruit Cider
86 points
A full frontal of tropical lychee, bright and serious; takes no prisoners.
Woodchuck Hard Cider  Mimosa Cider
86 points
So bright and orange-y this should be served with breakfast as a mimosa substitute.
Woodchuck  Bubbly Pearsecco Cider
85 points
Fresh, fun and bright; an easy going companion who brings easy joy and contentment.