About Regional Sparkling

About Regional Sparkling
Italians love their sparkling wines, so you will have no problem finding bubblies across the country. Besides Prosecco from the Veneto region, the most popular sparkler is the lightly sweet, slightly sparkling Moscato d'Asti from Spumante.

Moscato is also used to produce fresh, simple sparkling wines from other Italian regions, especially Veneto. These wines have pleasant apricot, peach and yellow flower aromas and are a delight to drink on their own after a meal or paired with fresh fruit.

Two other more "serious" sparkling wines from Italy are Alta Langa and Franciacorta, both made according to the classic method. The former is from Piemonte, produced from Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) and Chardonnay. There are both traditional styles as well as rosé. Quite dry and with good acidity, these are complex wines for enjoyment within three to five years of release; they are rich enough to pair with all types of seafood, with the rosés working well with lighter red meats, pork and veal.

Franciacorta is arguably the highest quality sparkling wine in Italy; produced in the Lombardy region, the best examples have the complexity and structure of the finest bubblies in the world. These are priced accordingly,, but they are very rewarding and can stand up to rich seafood and most meats.

Top Picks for Regional Sparkling

Rinaldi NV Joyful Extra Dry Spumante Italy
93 points
Citrus forward and bright with a subtle hint of salinity makes this sparkling completely crushable yet sophisticated enough to bring to dinner.
Monzio Compagnoni 2018 Brut Saten Millesimato Franciacorta DOCG
93 points
This is some world class methode traditionale Blanc de Blanc bubbles, regardless of what country it comes from.
Torello 2016 Special Edition Brut Reserva Corpinnat
90 points
Some serious Spanish sparkles showcased in this Cava with layers of depth and complexity.
Zonin Sparkling NV Coastal Lemon Spritz Italy
84 points
A nice, frothy, lemony sparkler that tastes a bit like an Arnold Palmer.