About Cava

About Cava
Cava is a term that refers to Spanish sparkling wine. The word means "cave" or "cellar"; while it is used for bubblies across the country, most examples come from Catalonia in the Penedes region in northeast Spain.

Cava is produced according to the classic method used in Champagne, although aging requirements are much shorter. While a few producers use Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the most common varieties in Cava are Macabeo, Paralleda (white) and Monastrell (red). Cava can be made as a white or rosé; the latter category is produced with the addition of red wine.

Most examples of Cava are value-oriented, costing between $12 and $15 on US retail shelves. Several large producers have made greet strides in this market and their entry level wines are meant for immediate consumption, while their special cuvées can age for three years or longer. Use Cava for an aperitif or for a moderately priced sparkling wine to accompany lighter seafood or poultry.

Top Picks for Cava

Painous NV Brut Cava Catalonia
91 points
Layers of flavor from fruit to earth dance on the tongue for a classic expression of sparkling wine from Catalonia.
Midnight Hour NV  Cava DO
89 points
Best Buy
Classic Cava with bright apple and citrus notes followed with creamy texture for added complexity.
89 points $10 Best Buy