About Champagne Brut NV

About Champagne Brut NV
Non-Vintage Brut is the most important category of Champagne. The vast bulk of Champagne is Non-Vintage and the healthy sales of this category are what keeps the Euros flowing in the region. A typical Non-Vintage cuvée will be composed of wine from two of the most recent vintages blended together, with a very small amount of older vintages. The demanding task of a champagne blender is to keep a typical house style by blending many different batches of wine. Quality does vary, at least from year to year if not batch to batch. A succession of good vintages will result in great Non-Vintage champagne with inverse consequences for a run of lesser years.

At the bottling stage Champagne is nearly always sweetened by the addition of a small sweetened dose of wine, called the dosage. The vast bulk of Champagne (including all Vintage releases) is of the "Brut" level of dryness: Dry to the palate though very lightly sweetened. The exact level of dryness of a brut style will vary from producer to producer, but is generally between 0 and 1.2% residual sugar.

Top Picks for Champagne Brut NV

Vve Monsigny NV Brut Champagne
93 points
Best Buy
A very nice non-vintage Champagne with rich nutty character accented by sweet floral nuance.
93 points $19.99 Best Buy
Champagne Trouillard NV Comte Decrion Brut Champagne
93 points
A nutty, juicy, vanilla-kissed Champagne that is sure to please.
Awards: 2022 Best Champagne Brut NV
Champagne Georges Cartier NV Brut Tradition Champagne
90 points
A vibrant mouthwatering, fruit-driven Champagne perfect for any occasion.
Champagne Trouillard NV Extra Selection Champagne
89 points
A toasty, appetizing Champagne with that will be great with appetizers or elevated mimosas.
Jacques Bardelot NV  Champagne
88 points
A toast-ready, charming Champagne that is also very food friendly
Champagne Lallier NV R.018 Champagne
86 points
A dainty and appetizing Champagne with effortless drinkability.