About Other Sparkling

About Other Sparkling
Sparkling wine covers many countries, grape types and quality levels. What all of these wines have in common are bubbles.

How the bubbles get there define the type and quality of the sparkling wine. The most famous sparkling wine of course is Champagne, from the eponymous region in France. These are made by what is known as the Champagne or "classic" method, where the secondary fermentation that produces the sparkle is done in an individual bottle. Other sparkling wines that use this method include Franciacorta and Alta Langa in Italy as well as Cava from Spain.

Other sparkling wines are made when the bubbles (or carbonation) is created in large tanks. While there are many inexpensive, simple sparkling wines made in this method, there are some excellent examples, most notably Prosecco.

Sparkling wines in many cases are meant to be drunk upon release, although the best examples of Champagne can age well for more than a decade. As sparkling wine is celebratory in nature, it is often used for toasting a special event, such as an anniversary or birthday. Yet the finest dry sparking wines work beautifully with a huge array of foods. These wines are arguably the finest food wines in the world.

Top Picks for Other Sparkling

City Winery 2018 Methode Champenoise North Fork Of Long Island
93 points
Straw color. Aromas of lemongrass, carrot cake, malted barley, and sunflower with a full body and a long roasted pear, cold herbs, apple core, and green fig finish. This is a wine that over delivers with complex aromas; find yourself in a field full of sunflowers.
Damiani Wine Cellars 2013 Brut Méthode Champenoise Finger Lakes
93 points
White gold color. Floral, toasty aromas and flavors of orange marmalade and toasted brioche, spiced caramel apple in cast iron, and apple blossoms with a supple, vibrant, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and an even, complex, very long finish manifesting impressions of caramelized citrus, roasted apples and pears, sautéed almonds, and minerals with a suggestion of oak flavor. A toasty, robust Champagne-like bubbly for fans of Krug.
93 points $42.99
Frog’s Tooth 2018 Pink Diamonds Sparkling Rose Sierra Foothills
92 points
Pink color. Aromas of strawberry and rye with a full body and a long dried cranberry, normandy apples, and rye finish. A textured, earthy old world style wine for Champagne fans.
Buttonwood Grove Winery 2019 Bubbly Riesling
91 points
Best Buy
Pale emerald straw color. Inviting aromas and flavors of kiwi, pineapple, petrol, banana, and ripe apricot with a supple, crisp, effervescent, fruity light-to-medium body and an effortless, delightful, medium-length finish imparting overtones of peaches in syrup, sugared ripe tangerine, and sweet apples with no oak flavor. A fruity, easy-to-love sparkler; fun and fresh.
91 points $17 Best Buy
Winery of Ellicottville NV Bubbly Riesling
91 points
Best Buy
Straw color. Attractive aromas and flavors of apple fritters, hints of peach, and marmalade with a satiny, vibrant, effervescent, dry light-to-medium body and a seamless, interesting, medium-length finish displaying accents of shale and hints of toasted grain with well-integrated, crunchy tannins and no oak flavor. An absolute delight of a sparkling Riesling; this is a welcoming and sophisticated wine that can pair with just about any cuisine or occasion.
91 points $18 Best Buy
Bellview Winery NV Pet Nat Outer Coastal Plain
91 points
Cloudy pale steely amber color. Aromas of white peach, lime, and ginger with a round, vibrant, petillant, dry light-to-medium body and a smooth, compelling, medium-long underripe melon, cracked pepper, and minerals finish with no oak flavor. A fun and fruity Pet-Nat with bold Prosecco-esque peachiness, racy acidity and mouthwatering minerality; a true charmer for the natural set.
Martini & Rossi NV Extra Dry Sparkling Rosé Italy
90 points
Best Buy
Pink color. Aromas of kiwi, tangerines, cassis, and pomegranate with a medium-full body and a medium-long tamarind, black raspberry, morello cherry, and blood orange finish. A soft and easy drinking sparkling Rose with dark red fruit nuances.
90 points $14 Best Buy
Sidewood NV Sparkling Rosé Adelaide Hills
90 points
Silvery pink color. Aromas and flavors of pink lady apples, under-ripe strawberries, nectarine, sliced celery, and hints of toasted shortcake with a satiny, vibrant, finely carbonated, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a polished, captivating, medium-length finish manifesting notes of pink peppercorn with a suggestion of oak flavor. A light, fresh, fruity and buoyant sparkler with a dry sensibility.
Sidewood NV Estate Sparkling Adelaide Hills
89 points
Straw color. Aromas and flavors of lemon curd and kiwi with a supple, vibrant, effervescent, fruity medium body and an effortless, interesting, long finish that exhibits notes of spiced peach and citrus. A bright and zesty sparkler that will excel as a aperitif.
Barefoot Bubbly NV Peach California
88 points
Best Buy
Emerald straw color. Aromas of peach and lychee salad and elderflower with a supple, medium-to-full body and a medium-to-long mandarin oranges, rose water, and peach sorbet finish. A vibrant and delicious peach flavored bubbly that is sure to please.
88 points $9.99 Best Buy