About Brut

About Brut
Brut is a term that defines dryness levels in sparkling wines; it is most famously used for Champagne, but it is a common term used around the world for most sparkers.

While Brut means "dry" for all intents and purposes, it can actually be off-dry or even lightly sweet. The definition of Brut for Champagne is between 0-12 grams of residual sugar, so Brut actually describes a range of sensations.

No matter how dry a Brut sparkling wine actually is in technical terms, it is generally dry enough to serve at the dinner table with most foods.

Top Picks for Brut

Hansen-Lauer 2020 Sekt Riesling Brut Mosel
92 points
Zippy acidity with lively aromatics make this a natural pairing with spicy and complex south east Asian cuisine or rich pork dishes.
Bricoleur Vineyards NV Flying By The Seat Of Our Pants Brut Sparkling Wine North Coast
92 points
Dry, mature-seeming California sparkler moonlighting in the style of Blanc de Noir Champagne.
Awards: 2022 Best Brut
Lawer Estates NV Brut Reserve Sparkling Wine California
91 points
A bright creamy, bubbly sparkling full of rich, traditional method flavors.
JFJ NV Brut Champagne California
89 points
Best Buy
A bright and bubbly sipper with an abundance of orchard fruits and a zesty citrus finish.
89 points $10 Best Buy
Carter Creek Family Winery NV Brut Sparkling Temecula Valley
89 points
A charming Temecula Brut Sparkler with great acidity and beautiful, dancing aromas.
Portlandia NV Brut Sparkling Wine Columbia Valley
88 points
A pleasing domestic sparkler with good depth a flavor and a touch of herbaceousness that will make an excellent apéritif to have with a light salad course.
SunPop NV Bubbly Brut Spain
88 points
Best Buy
Nutty and earthy with good citrus, this is an easy house bottle of bubbles with versatility for sparkling cocktail applications.
88 points $6 Best Buy
1849 Wine NV Blanc De Blanc Brut Sparkling Wine
88 points
Tasty and easy going everyday bubbles that will be perfectly at home in your picnic basket.
DH Lescombes 2019 Brut Sparkling Wine New Mexico
88 points
A fresh, bone-dry yet pleasantly fruity and floral sparkling for everyday sipping.
Monte De Oro 2021 Bolle De Oro Brut Sparkling Wine Temecula Valley
87 points
A fruity and light sparkling wine that would be a nice pairing for a fruit salad; a patio sipper.