About Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cocktail

About Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cocktail
A relatively new category of ready-to-drink cocktails of various traditional types like martinis and margaritas, frequently branded or marketed as "skinny" to women.

Top Picks for Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cocktail

Lyre’s Classico Non Alcoholic Cocktail
96 points
A complex, tropical cocktail that drinks effortlessly.
Awards: 2022 Best Non-Alcoholic Ready-to-Drink Cocktail
Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz Non Alcoholic Cocktail
93 points
A fresh, complex non-alcoholic cocktail for grown ups.
Lyre’s Dark N Spicy Non Alcoholic Cocktail
89 points
A nuanced tropical cocktail for when you need a drink but not a drink.
Lyre’s American Malt & Cola Non Alcoholic Cocktail
88 points
A spicy, grown-up cola cocktail; serve on ice.
Lyre’s G&T Non Alcoholic Cocktail
87 points
A rock solid non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic that offers a great flavor match for those choosing to abstain.