About Low-Calorie Ready-to-Drink Cocktail

About Low-Calorie Ready-to-Drink Cocktail
A relatively new category of ready-to-drink cocktails of various traditional types Margaritas and Pina Coladas, but this category also includes newer canned variations like low calorie carbonated seltzers or 'pop and pour' large format versions that are marketed toward a specific type of consumer looking for a beverage with less calories than its traditional offering; these are often made with sugar substitutes.

Top Picks for Low-Calorie Ready-to-Drink Cocktail

Volley Zesty Lime Tequila Seltzer
92 points
Pure Tequila aromas and flavor shine in this rock solid Tequila Soda cocktail.
Awards: 2022 Best Low-Calorie Ready-to-Drink Cocktail
Stateside Surfside Vodka + Iced Tea
91 points
A tea-based RTD to put a joyful spin on your tee time.
Cutwater Spirits Lime Vodka Soda
90 points
A rock-solid ready-to-drink vodka soda that's pure and fresh.
Plume & Petal Cucumber Spritz RTD
89 points
Best Buy
A nicely balanced, dry cucumber cocktail with good purity, carbonation, and persistence; never cloying.
89 points $12 Best Buy
The Long Drink Company Long Drink Zero Low-Calorie RTD
88 points
Best Buy
A nice lo-cal grapefruit crusher.
88 points $2 Best Buy
Hardwood Spiked Seltzer RTD Cocktail
85 points
A dry and somewhat savory Cocktail with big notes of celery and ginger.
Volley Sharp Grapefruit Tequila Seltzer
85 points
A yummy grapefruit-Tequila cocktail that's fresh and interesting.
Mahalo Blackberry Lemonade Vodka Low-Calorie Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
84 points
Nostalgic with pleasant notes reminiscent of the flavors from childhood.
84 points $15.99
Day Chaser Cocktails Cranberry Vodka + Soda
84 points
Beautiful color and pleasant enough, serve over ice with a fruit garnish.
Cutwater Spirits Grapefruit Vodka Soda
84 points
A candied nose and a dry, refreshing palate make this a simple go-to for an orange vodka-soda refresher.