About Ready-to-Drink Cocktails from Canada

About Ready-to-Drink Cocktails from Canada
Without question, the most famous spirit from Canada is whiskey. Canadian whiskies, often made from rye, are elegant and lightly spicy, and although they may not rank as highly as single malt scotch, there are some examples that are of exceptional quality. Vodkas are becoming more of a factor in Canada, which should come as no surprise, given the quality of the river and lake water used in production. Yet there are many other notable spirits produced in Canada, ranging from bitters to orange liqueur to aged brandies. The spirits industry in Canada is relatively small, but the products are well worth the search.

Top Picks for Canada

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Barrfly Non-Alcoholic Passion Fruit Mojito
92 points
A floral and tropical fruit sparkling N/A that makes a wonderful aperitif.
Clubtails Sex On The Beach
92 points
Orange soda with slightly less carbonation and just a little pleasant alcohol bite on the palate to remind you this is for adults.
Malibu Strawberry Daiquiri
89 points
A very sweet Strawberry-Aid-like cocktail with piles of natural strawberry flavors; serve on ice!
Plume & Petal Cucumber Spritz RTD
89 points
Best Buy
A nicely balanced, dry cucumber cocktail with good purity, carbonation, and persistence; never cloying.
89 points $12 Best Buy
Barrfly Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada
86 points
A pleasant take on a sparkling Pina Colada.
Barrfly Non-Alcoholic Strawberry-Rhubarbe Gin and Tonic
86 points
Smells fruity, sweet and pleasantly floral to invite you in but it has some bite and rhubarb bitterness on the palate.
Clubtails Sunny Margarita
86 points
Reminiscent of a lime Jell-O flavored Margarita.
Barrfly Non-Alcoholic Sunny Margarita
84 points
A refreshing and quaffable limey N/A Margarita.
Clubtails Pink Lemonade
83 points
A sweet, yet still dry and fruity, soda with an unexpected kick.