About Specialty Spirits

The specialty spirits category includes some of the more unique and individualized spirits that don't fit into traditional spirits categories. Pomace brandies such as grappa and marc are included as part of this category as are aquavit, dry schnapps, and certain flavored spirits from around the world.

Top Picks for Specialty Spirits

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative Non Alcoholic Spirit
98 points
A spot-on Tequila alternative that thus far, can't be beat. Make margaritas, palomas and more and delight your guests with this non-alcoholic spirit.
Awards: 2021 Best Non Alcoholic Spirit
Ish Spirits Gin-Ish Non Alcoholic Spirit
96 points
Best Buy
This spirit alternative offers the classic London Dry botanical profile and satisfying perceived heat; a raging success for the category, enjoy as liberally as your heart desires.
96 points $25 Best Buy
Lyre’s Italian Spritz Non-Alcoholic Spirit
95 points
A pitch perfect take on the classic Italian red aperitif; Aperol fans take note.
Awards: 2022 Best Non Alcoholic Spirit
Ish Spirits Rum-Ish Non Alcoholic Spirit
94 points
Best Buy
An impressive impression of pot still rum; a delight in cocktails for those choosing to abstain.
94 points $25 Best Buy
New London Light Non Alcoholic Spirit
94 points
A springy, fresh-from-the-garden styled spirit alternative that's clean, bright and stylish.
94 points $34.99
New London Light Midnight Sun Non Alcoholic Spirit
93 points
Fruity, herbaceous, and savory, this would make a wonderfully elegant fruity cocktail.
Batch 22 New American Aquavit Classic Gold
93 points
More sweet and fruity than traditional examples, but well crafted and a delightful sipper in its own right.
Awards: 2022 Best Specialty Spirit
Lyre’s Italian Orange Non-Alcoholic Spirit
93 points
A spot-on interpretation of a classic Italian red bitter liqueur that is a pleasure to drink on its own or in spirit free cocktails.
Lyre’s Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit
92 points
A delicious and well balanced Amaretto NA spirit for all occasions.
Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso Non-Alcoholic Spirit
92 points
A complex and engaging aperitif that will appeal to Negroni fans.