About Non Alcoholic Spirit

About Non Alcoholic Spirit
Non-Alcoholic Spirits are zero-proof alternatives to their ABV possessing counterparts. Some are created to reflect the flavor profiles of existing spirits categories, while others have their own composition of flavors to stand out independently as imbibing alternatives.

Top Picks for Non Alcoholic Spirit

Lyre’s Apéritif Dry Non Alcoholic Spirit
93 points
Golden yellow color. Aromas of orange peel, violet, honey, vanilla, and hints of sesame with a satiny, crisp, dryish light body and a tingling, medium-length bitter lemon, cucumber, gentian, bay leaf, chamomile, and candied ginger finish. A floral, herbal, slightly bitter Spirit Alternative that will create balanced spirit-free cocktails; a refreshing offering for the moments you choose to abstain from alcohol.
Lyre’s Amaretti Non Alcoholic Spirit
88 points
Gold color. Nutty aromas and flavors of marzipan, fresh almond paste, and hints of candied cherry with a supple, crisp, fruity light-to-medium body and a graceful, medium-length finish evoking overtones of candied lemon peel, cherry cooler, hints of ginger, and orange blossom finish. A tasty, candied Amaretto Substitute that delivers great concentration of flavor.
Lyre’s Dark Cane Non Alcoholic Spirit
86 points
Bronze color. Tropical aromas of ripe pineapple, banana-walnut cake, trail mix, leather, and coconut candies with a supple, bright, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a peppery, medium-length pineapple in whipped cream, ripe banana, brown sugar, candied ginger, and cinnamon finish. A fun cane-like Spirit Alternative to tuck into No-ABV tropical cocktails.
Lyre’s Orange Sec Non Alcoholic Spirit
85 points
Slivery straw color. Fruity aromas and flavors of lemon peel, tangerine, ginger, white tea, and white peach with a satiny, crisp, fruity sweet light body and a warming, intriguing, medium-length finish with suggestions of honeydew melon, marmalade, peppercorns, and bay leaf finish. A fruity, vermouth-like Spirit Alternative that delivers big flavors and refreshing acidity and heat.
Lyre’s Apéritif Rosso Non Alcoholic Spirit
83 points
Sedimentary copper color. Aromas and flavors of dried cherry, grilled apples, roasted nuts, pressed flowers, allspice, and caramel with a satiny, crisp, fruity light-to-medium body and a warming, breezy finish with accents of cola, gentian, and cardamom. A vermouth-like Spirit Alternative that adds balancing bitterness to classic cocktails.
Lyre’s Coffee Originale Non Alcoholic Spirit
81 points
Reddish mahogany color. Aromas of roasted coffee beans, condensed milk, chocolate-covered raspberry, and licorice with a round, vibrant, fruity sweet light body and a smooth, breezy lemon spritz, fructose, and cascara finish. A fruity Coffee Liqueur Alternative with rich roasty aromas.