About XO Cognac

About XO Cognac
X.O. (or extra old) Cognacs previously required a minimum of six years aging for the youngest cognac in the blend, with the average age running 20 years or older. All Cognac houses maintain inventories of old vintage Cognacs to use in blending these top of the line brands. The oldest Cognacs are removed from their casks in time and stored in glass demijohns (large jugs) to prevent further loss from evaporation and to limit excessively woody and astringent flavors.

As of 2016, according to the official Cognac regulatory agency, BNIC, the minimum component age requirement for X.O. Cognac must be 10 years from 2016 onwards. In practice many Cognac houses and brands had been at or above the 10 year requirement for their X.O. expressions, but this is now the legal requirement.

Top Picks for XO Cognac

Rémy Martin XO Cognac
94 points
A snifter of this is something that would make any lover of fine spirits happy, and makes you feel like you raided Sir Winston Churchill's liquor cabinet.
Awards: 2022 Best XO Cognac
Ferrand Selection des Anges XO Cognac
94 points
A memorable Cognac that truly stands out from the others; an exotic, traveling finish full of tropical fruits, nuts and mouthwatering minerality.
Awards: 2020 Best Cognac
Courvoisier XO Cognac
92 points
Rich dark red fruits and nuts with that pleasantly funky umami that only comes with age.
Bisquit & Dubouché XO Cognac
92 points
Exceptional length gives an indulger pause; sip slowly and contemplatively.
Branson Cognac XO Premier Cru Cognac
91 points
An endlessly satisfying palate keeps you coming back in this excellent XO Cognac.
D’USSÉ XO Cognac
89 points
Rich and earthy while being subdued and brooding, this is a good dessert drink to pair with milder flavors.
Merlet XO Cognac
89 points
A rock solid XO Cognac for decadent stirred cocktails.