About Luxury Cognac

About Luxury Cognac
A luxury Cognac is one that has been barrel aged for a long period of time and is deemed by its producer as a special blend that stands out from their other products. Some are labeled as X.O., but most are not and use proprietary names, age statements, or the term "Extra". All of the components of the blend have been aged much longer than the minimum six years required for an X.O. designation, while some can be aged 20, 30, 50 or over 100 years.

Many Luxury Cognacs are from the Grande Champagne district, an area that produces some of the longest aged Cognacs of all. Quality-wise, these are sublime Cognacs with perfumes of dried apricot, hazelnuts, figs and vanilla; full-bodied, they are remarkably elegant with great complexity and have a finish of extreme length. They are often packaged in a specially designed crystal bottles and/or wooden cases, to emphasize their prestige. They should be reserved for the finest moments, sipped and enjoyed neat in a snifter with or without a cigar.

Top Picks for Luxury Cognac

Ferrand Sélection Des Anges Cognac
92 points
Complex and well aged with lots of savory sweet barrel character but nice flashes of young red fruit appear here and there as well.