About VSOP Cognac

About VSOP Cognac
V.S.O.P. (very superior old pale or very special old pale) Cognac has been aged a minimum of four years, although many examples are aged as long as ten to fifteen years or even longer. It is aged longer than a VS (very special), but less than an X.O.

Produced by both large and small Cognac houses, VSOP has remarkable complexity, especially with the long period of aging, which rounds out the Cognac, while adding a distinct spiciness and vanilla character. These are priced from $30 to $55 per bottle and need to be sipped slowly after dinner on their own or with a cigar. Given the marketing prowess of the large firms as well as their breeding and prestige, VSOP Cognac have been and continue to be one of the most popular spirits in America and around the world.

Top Picks for VSOP Cognac

Augier Le Singulier Cognac
93 points
Golden amber color. Toasty aromas of candied apple, clove, creamy caramel cheesecake, tobacco, and hazelnut with a satiny, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a warming, amusing, medium-length dried currant, prosciutto, and milk and honey finish. An oak-forward VSOP that will work well in classic cognac cocktails or simply neat.
93 points $59.99
Augier Le Sauvage Cognac
91 points
Gold color. Citrusy aromas of nutmeg, sage, apple butter, dried dates, and ripe tangerine with a silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity light body and a tingling, interesting, relaxed caramel, pink peppercorns, and bay finish. A spicy, autumnal cognac that will be lovely in cool-weather cocktails.
91 points $49.99
Croizet V.S.O.P. Cognac
91 points
Amber color. Complex aromas of dulce de leche, orange zest, dark chocolate shavings, cedar, and lilac with a round, crisp, fruity medium body and a warming, interesting, long butterscotch, leather patina, minerals, and chocolate ganache finish. A rich, buttery cognac with velvety texture and nuance to spare; an excellent choice for elegant cocktails.
Awards: 2018 Best VSOP Cognac
91 points $65.99
Camus Borderies VSOP Single Estate Cognac
90 points
Golden amber color. Fruity aromas of apple butter on rye toast, black licorice, dried currants and dates, and toasted coconut with a satiny, bright, fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, medium-length chocolate-caramel chew, pressed flowers, charred nuts, and cardamom and rose tea finish. A solid VSOP with a caramel richness; will play well in cocktails.
90 points $52.99
Courvoisier VSOP Cognac
89 points
Dark amber color. Aromas of sweet baking spices, sarsaparilla, prunes, and sticky toffee pudding with a satiny, vibrant, fruity medium body and a smooth, complex, medium-long leather, glazed nuts, hints of baked brie, and pineapple upside down cake finish. A rich and nuanced VSOP Cognac that over-delivers for its category; highly recommended.
89 points
Dark amber color. Aromas and flavors of baked cherries, singed pie crusts, ripe stone fruit, hints of banana, and spiced latte with a round, vibrant, fruity medium body and a sleek, layered, medium-long finish displaying touches of gooey caramel apple pie, leather, chocolate sponge, and nutmeg. A luxuriously textured VSOP Cognac with length that overdelivers for the category.
Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP Cognac
88 points
Amber color. Aromas and flavors of apple pie, roasted peach, spiced tea, and speculoos cookies with a satiny, crisp, fruity light-to-medium body and an effortless, charming, medium-length finish. Sweet baking spices and charming ripe orchard fruit flavors abound.
Merlet VSOP Cognac
88 points
Bright amber color. Aromas of golden raisin, orange zest, poached pear, panattone, and toffee with a satiny, crisp, fruity medium body and a warming, captivating, medium-length graham cracker, nutmeg, cola, and incense finish. A layered VSOP cognac with lots of satisfying flavors to discover.
88 points $42.95
Camus VSOP Cognac
87 points
Golden amber color. Aromas of cheesecake, sarsaparilla, caramel, orange blossom, and candied orange peel with a velvety, crisp, fruity light body and a smooth, compelling, medium-length peach skin, roasted pineapple, polished oak, black tea, bitter lemon, and pickled aliums finish. A firm and fruity VSOP with a solid backbone of fine oak.
Augier LOceanique Cognac
87 points
Pale gold color. Aromas of candied orange, pear compote, thyme tisane, cinnamon stick, and singed parchment with a satiny, bright, dry-yet-fruity light body and a peppery, short toasted brioche, apricot liqueur, tobacco, and mineral water finish. A youthful and rustic cognac for carefree nights.
87 points $49.99