May 2024 - Riesling

May 2024 - Riesling
This month's Wine feature is Riesling Wines

Riesling Reviews

Bravery Wines 2022 2771 Reserve Series Riesling
93 points
Vibrant acidity and a just a touch of sweetness; this wine will sing when paired with south east Asian cuisine.
Caliche 2022  Dry Riesling
89 points
Citrus fruit dominant with zippy acidity and nice minerality, this should pair well with seafood.
Long Shadows Vintners 2022 Poets Leap Riesling
89 points
Slightly more restrained on the nose than anticipated but classic aromas and flavors with vibrant acidity are nicely present; a lovely dry Riesling.
Boundary Breaks Vineyard 2022 #239 Dry Riesling
88 points
The acid structure is a touch sharp but should integrate with a few years of cellar time to meld with the ripe orchard fruits, citrus, and florals on the nose and palate.
Tagaris Winery 2022 Arete Vinyard Riesling
88 points
A lightly sweet white wine that is balanced and fresh; good for an apéritif or paired with fruit or cheese.
Member’s Mark 2022  Riesling
87 points
Best Buy
A winsome Mosel Riesling that is round with a nice balance between acid and sugar.
87 points $10 Best Buy
Avia 2020  Riesling
87 points
Best Buy
Nice honeyed orchard fruit and melon from the nose to the palate ending in an elongated finish; drinks like a slightly aged example of Riesling.
87 points $11 Best Buy
Willamette Valley Vineyards 2022  Riesling
87 points
A sweet, simple, and fruity Riesling that has a lasting finish; easy drinking.
Willamette Valley Vineyards 2022 Dry Riesling
87 points
A nice, light, and crisp New World dry Riesling that will pair well with ramen and bahn mi.
Landkastel 2023  Riesling
86 points
Best Buy
A fresh German Riesling that lingers on the palate and washes the day away.
86 points $8 Best Buy
Working Dog Winery 2023 Estate Riesling
86 points
This wine really highlights the floral and perfumed side of Riesling with a bit of herbaceousness.
Alpen Cellars 2022  Riesling
85 points
An easily approachable Riesling with sweetened ripe fruit and waves of flowers.
Von Stiehl Winery 2023 Semi-Dry Riesling
85 points
Not quite a dry Riesling but not quite an off-dry Riesling; a middle ground for those who don't want to choose.
Tabora Farm & Winery 2022 Semi-Dry Riesling
84 points
Mild sweetness with good acidity and earthy, nutty flavors that make a very serviceable white table wine.