February 2024 - Mixers & RTDS

February 2024 - Mixers & RTDS
This month's Spirits feature is Mixers & RTDS

Mixers & RTDS Reviews

Bark & Bitter Honestly Aromatic Bitters
92 points
A pleasing woodsy and bark like aroma and flavor that leads with cinnamon and has a nice lingering spice.
Bark & Bitter New Orleans Bywater Bitters
92 points
A beautifully savory aroma that will work well as an apéritif or use as a modifier to give cocktails a bit of a Mediterranean flare.
Fever-Tree Classic Bloody Mary Mix
91 points
Subtly smoked and spicy, a perfect Sunday brunch partner.
Still Branch Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer
91 points
Delicious while leaning sweet for those that need a little more sugar in their Bourbon Old Fashioned.
Absinthia Caged Heat Craft Syrup
90 points
Tequila tea with a healthy dollop of hot honey as a sweetener.
Fever-Tree Classic Margarita Mix
89 points
A great way to make pitchers of Margs for a party.
The Glenlivet Twist And Mix Old Fashioned
89 points
Scotch, ginger, orange, baking spices, and just plain tasty; a great golf course companion right here.
The Glenlivet Twist And Mix New Manhattan
88 points
A smooth, sophisticated cocktail when you want something fancy but don't have the time; just don't forget the rocks.
Zing Zang Blazing Bloody Mary
88 points
A spicy take on the traditional Bloody Mary with an extra peppery kick.
Fever-Tree Light Margarita Mix
87 points
A nice, natural lime flavor for a mixer that maintains bright acidity and won't totally dominate any spirit flavors you add in.
Hercules Mulligan Rum & Rye Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
87 points
Woody and spicy; a nice little digestivo.
Zing Zang Michelada Mix
87 points
Mixes well with beer and becomes a rich, lightly smoky tailgating option.
Zing Zang Bloody Mary
87 points
A classic Bloody Mary mix with a little bit of Asian spice and umami mixed in for good measure.
Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita
87 points
A tad sweet but a respectable and crushable Marg for on the go.
Bark & Bitter Overtly Orange Bitters
86 points
Orange and lemon essence with a pleasant mild bitterness; will add a nice citrus kick to an N/A Gin application.
Fling Craft Cocktails Tequila Paloma
86 points
Grapefruit and ginger make this a nice palate cleanser.
Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye Ready-To-Drink Cocktail
86 points
Boozy, sweet, and with some interesting spices going on; a bottle of this will surely get you where you think you need to go.
Altos Strawberry Margarita
85 points
An interesting red berry and lime Margarita themed sipping adventure.
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