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April 2021 - Cider

April 2021 - Cider
This month's Wine feature is Cider Wines

Cider Reviews

Kystin  Secret Ice Cider
97 points
A deliciously mouthwatering, not-too-sweet ice cider with fantastic purity, depth, and acidity.
Awards: 2021 Best Cider
Kystin  Opalyne Brut French Cider
95 points
Best Buy
A delightfully deep and flavorful French cider for all occasions.
95 points $7 Best Buy
Milea Estate  The Jumper Hard Cider
92 points
Best Buy
A nice, dryish earthy cider packed with refreshment.
92 points $4 Best Buy
Milea Estate  Staatsburg Hard Cider
87 points
Best Buy
A mouthwatering cider with fine flavor and balance.
87 points $10 Best Buy
Kystin  Cuvée XVII Apple-Chestnut Cider
87 points
A curious assemblage of earthy, fruity, and woody tones make this a good choice for adventurous sessions and pairings.
Rekorderlig  Pear Hard Cider
85 points
A sugary, sweet cider for the beach.
Milea Estate  Wild Goose Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider
83 points
A nice dry, wood-accented cider that will be great with shellfish.