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September 2022 - Brandy

September 2022 - Brandy
This month's Spirits feature is Brandy

Brandy Reviews

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal VSOP Cognac
95 points
Warm, spicy, and enticing; have with dessert and enjoy with abandon.
Awards: 2022 Best Cognac
Rémy Martin Tercet VSOP Cognac
94 points
A smooth, flavorful, and utterly delicious Cognac to sip neat after dinner, that would also be great in cocktails, but is perfect on its own.
Rémy Martin XO Cognac
94 points
A snifter of this is something that would make any lover of fine spirits happy, and makes you feel like you raided Sir Winston Churchill's liquor cabinet.
Awards: 2022 Best XO Cognac
Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac
93 points
A combination of oak spice and rich fruits makes this a go-to for cocktails, but also has sufficient finesse and depth to be worthy of a stand alone sipper.
Courvoisier VS Cognac
92 points
Grilled apple topped with cinnamon, this is lively and delicious, and perfect for fall cocktails.
Awards: 2022 Best VS Cognac
Courvoisier XO Cognac
92 points
Rich dark red fruits and nuts with that pleasantly funky umami that only comes with age.
CHRISTIAN BROTHERS 4 Year Old Sacred Bond Aged Brandy
91 points
Best Buy
With rich orchard fruits alongside some barrel spice and balance, this would be excellent for most traditional Brandy cocktails.
Awards: 2022 Top 2 Aged Brandy
91 points $17 Best Buy
10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Company Small Batch Aged Brandy
91 points
Good for an everyday drinking Brandy, with lots of sweet candy and caramel flavors.
Awards: 2022 Top 2 Aged Brandy
Branson Cognac Phantom VS Cognac
91 points
Vibrant and fruity, this will make a lovely addition to a Vieux Carre or a Sidecar.
88 points
Best Buy
Wood spices and a tad zippy, this makes a great sipper next to a fireplace or even with a light wrap cigar.
88 points $14 Best Buy
Mastrogiannis Baton 2 Year Old Aged Brandy
88 points
A vibrant and youthful Brandy that could have multiple cocktail applications.
87 points
Best Buy
An aged Brandy with notes of creamy nougat and butterscotch with hints of toasted nut and burnt vanilla.
87 points $12 Best Buy
Courvoisier VSOP Cognac
87 points
Fruit and oak in an elegant balance that will serve well as a sipper, paired with a cigar, or turned in to a cocktail.
Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP Cognac
87 points
An aromatic journey to French Siam with a menagerie of spiced grape flavors.
Teryan 8 Year Extra Old Brandy
86 points
A great after dinner drink, full of rich dark chocolate and coffee aromas and flavors.
Stella Rosa Honey Peach Brandy
86 points
A fun base for making Fuzzy Navels or an addition for a Peach Bellini.
Stella Rosa Smooth Black Berry Flavored Brandy
85 points
Tasty and pleasant, packed with all different kinds of flavors and aromas.
CHRISTIAN BROTHERS Honey Flavored Aged Brandy
84 points
Would be a fun shooter and great to add to a Margarita or a Sidecar.
Stella Rosa Tropical Passion Flavored Brandy
84 points
A fun and lively addition to spike the punch bowl with at your next party.
Black Heron Smoked Gran Pisco Brandy
84 points
A unique and herbal style of Pisco that would be good for Whiskey drinkers.
John Napoleon Elegance VSOP Brandy
84 points
A VSOP showing autumnal aromatics with flavors of dried stone fruits.
Mastrogiannis Hazy Syrah Flavored Brandy
84 points
Would make for a perfect after dinner sipper on its own or paired with chocolate, caramel, and nut desserts.