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January 2022 - Cans: Beer

January 2022 - Cans: Beer
This month's Beer feature is Canned Cocktails

Cans: Beer Reviews

Indeed Brewing Company Boon Blueberry Basil Hard Kombucha
96 points
A lively and balanced Hard Kombucha busting with fresh basil flavors and natural berry.
Awards: 2022 Best Hard Kombucha 2021 Best Hard Kombucha
Quirk Watermelon Salt & Lime Hard Seltzer
94 points
A fresh, inviting cucumber-y melon Hard Seltzer that slaps!
Awards: 2022 Best Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
Quirk Grapefruit Twist Hard Seltzer
93 points
A juicy, refreshing and dry grapefruit seltzer that satisfies.
Kirkland Signature Lime Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
92 points
A tasty, tropical seltzer treat; stylish, instantly appealing and crushable.
Kirkland Signature Mango Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
91 points
A very tasty Hard Seltzer that delivers light, pure flavors with a refreshing, dry finish.
Quirk Cherry Blossom & Lime Hard Seltzer
91 points
A juicy cherry lemonade-like Seltzer that satisfies.
Bacardi Breezer Peach & White Tea Seltzer
90 points
A tropical club soda with a kick; dry, refreshing and tasty.
Kirkland Signature Black Cherry Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
90 points
Bold, candied berry flavors with a pleasingly dry palate; a simple and crowd pleasing seltzer.
Shaker Mixologie Fraisilow Seltzer
88 points
An easy, citrus-kissed hard seltzer for sunny days.
Shaker Mixologie Happy Berry Seltzer
88 points
A dry, easy tropical Seltzer that hits the mark.
Suntory Beer Limited KINMUGI Toushitsu (Carbohydrates) 75% Off
88 points
A fun, light and easy-drinking beer that's gentler on your waistline.
Awards: 2022 Best Low-Carb Beer
Pepito Bella Sangria Light
87 points
A fruity, punch-like Sangria that will be a hit.
Awards: 2022 Best Malt-Based Cocktail
Kirkland Signature Grapefruit Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer
86 points
A creamy, citrus-flavored Hard Seltzer for hot day refreshment.
Lift Bridge Brewery Island Time Hard Seltzer
86 points
A mild, lightly berry flavored seltzer.
Bacardi Breezer Blackberry & Lavender Seltzer
84 points
A gentle kiss of flavor in a bubbly package.
Mizo Calamansi Lime Hard Seltzer
84 points
A lighthearted citrusy seltzer to serve with a good chill.
Pepito Rosada Sangria Light
84 points
A fun rose sangria-like drink that's light and bubbly.
Mizo Lychee Hard Seltzer
80 points
A creamy, distinctive hard seltzer with hints of sweetness.