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August 2022 - Aperitifs & Digestivos

August 2022 - Aperitifs & Digestivos
This month's Spirits feature is Aperitifs & Digestivos

Aperitifs & Digestivos Reviews

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge
94 points
Best Buy
A nicely poised Vermouth well suited for a cocktail or sipping on the rocks.
Awards: 2022 Best Vermouth Sweet
94 points $24 Best Buy
Enrico Toro Genziana 72 Bitter Liqueur
94 points
A pleasant sipper with zesty citrus that will be the perfect refresher after a heavy meal; a good bitter for people new to the category.
La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Extra Dry
91 points
Best Buy
A bright and lemony aperitif wine with just the right amount of bitterness; grab this for your next Martini or serve chilled over ice.
91 points $24 Best Buy
Padro & Co. Blanco Reserva Vermouth Blanc
89 points
Beautiful apéritif to be sipped alone on ice that expresses layers of delicious green herbs with enough body to mix and make a delightful martini.
La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc
88 points
Fruity, floral, and herbaceous this would make for a lovely apéritif on its own or a great compliment to gin in long drinks, but too sweet for a martini application.