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February 2021 - Mixers & Large Format RTDs

February 2021 - Mixers & Large Format RTDs
This month's Spirits feature is Mixers

Mixers & Large Format RTDs Reviews

Stirrings Simple Mai-Tai Mixer
91 points
This juicy, simple mixer makes easy-to-love rum cocktails; mix with high quality aged rum for the best flavor.
91 points $6.99
Stirrings Simple Margarita Mixer
90 points
Use this mixer to create effortlessly balanced Margaritas at home; this one really lets the agave flavors shine through.
90 points $6.99
Stirrings Organic Margarita Mixer
86 points
A solid Margarita mixer for easy home cocktailing.
86 points $7.49
Stirrings Simple Sour Mix Mixer
85 points
An intense sour mix that hits the palate with big citrus and sweetness; mix with robust bourbon.
85 points $6.99
Stirrings Simple Old Fashioned Mixer
84 points
A simple solution to at-home Old Fashioneds; this spicy, orangey mix provides a yummy platform for your favorite bourbon or rye.
84 points $6.99
Crafthouse Spicy Margarita RTD
84 points
A pico de gallo-like cocktail with a savory, herbaceous style.
84 points $26.99
1800 The Ultimate Margarita Original RTD
83 points
A bold margarita for sweet outdoor imbibing.
Jose Cuervo Authentic Classic Margarita RTD
81 points
A savory-sweet cocktail with citrus pop; this is one for the curious.