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December 2020 - Asian Spirits

December 2020 - Asian Spirits
This month's Spirits feature is Asian Spirits

Asian Spirits Reviews

Muaddi Artesanal Levantine Arak
93 points
A concentrated Arak with a transporting, all-natural flavor that lingers.
Sakurao Original Japanese Dry Gin
88 points
A shape-shifting gin with flavor that builds with each sip.
Sakurao Classic Japanese Dry Gin
87 points
A rock solid gin with nice concentration of flavor and a versatile style; cocktail away!
Togouchi 15-Year-Old Japanese Blended Whisky
85 points
A nutty and mild Japanese Whiskey that will play well in manhattan style cocktails.
Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky
84 points
A fruity-sweet Japanese blended whiskey with toasty, biscuity flavors.