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June 2019 - Hard Soda Shootout

June 2019 - Hard Soda Shootout
This month's Beer feature is Hard Soda Shootout

Hard Soda Shootout Reviews

Bravazzi Blood Orange Italian Hard Soda
93 points
A quenching hard soda in an eye-catching hue that purely captures the essence of fresh tangerine.
Bravazzi Limonata Italian Hard Soda
93 points
A fresh, citrusy hard soda with a great pop of acidity and balanced sweetness; a go-to.
Itz Spritz Cucumber Lime Twist Hard Soda
92 points
A tasty, pure hard soda with great flavor and an all-natural appeal.
Itz Spritz Elderflower Citrus Hard Soda
90 points
A tasty, ginger-kissed refresher that will have you coming back for more.
Bravazzi Clementina Italian Hard Soda
89 points
A juicy spritzer for summer fun.
Bravazzi Grapefruit Italian Hard Soda
89 points
A fruity, crushable grapefruit hard soda that offers a boozy alternative to classic Italian Sodas.
Mighty Swell Grapefruit Spiked Spritzer
89 points
A light and refreshing hard seltzer that's never too sweet.
Itz Spritz Golden Pear Hard Soda
87 points
A delicious hard soda that nails the flavor of sweet, juicy pears; balanced and refreshing.
Mighty Swell Watermelon Mint Spiked Spritzer
87 points
A fruity and slightly herbal hard seltzer with a tart candied sweetness.
Pura Still Mango Spiked Still Water
87 points
A clean, fruity hard water that's refreshing and gulpable.
Pura Still Mandarin Orange Spiked Still Water
87 points
A citrusy and quenching hard water; super light, super clean, and lifestyle-friendly.
Mighty Swell Peach Spiked Spritzer
85 points
A tangy peach hard seltzer that will be a fun al fresco refresher this summer.
Mighty Swell Cherry Lime Spiked Spritzer
85 points
A light, easy-drinking hard seltzer with big tart berry candy flavor.
Pura Still Blackberry Spiked Still Water
85 points
A summery, easy-drinking boozy water with a kiss of berry flavor.