About Munich Helles

About Munich Helles
Munich helles lagers are pale to golden in color and range in alcohol from 4.5-5.5%. These beers traditionally malt-accented with subtle hop character. They are generally weightier than standard pale lagers though less substantial than dortmunder export styles. The finest examples still come from the brewing center of Munich and are relatively easy to find in major US markets. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Full Sail LTD 03, Hofbräu Original Lager and Paulaner Original Munich Premium Lager.

Top Picks for Munich Helles

Carolina Brewery 1924 Centennial Lager
92 points
Crisp and clean with a nice malty backbone and wonderful sessionability.
Church Street Brewing Company Heavenly Helles Lager
92 points
A rock solid Helles Lager loaded with roasted grains, a touch of citrus, and a pleasing finish balanced with green herbs.
Federbrau German Single Malt
92 points
Heave a stein with wild abandon as this draught gives a light and refreshing take on the style.
Humble Sea Brewing Company Helles
91 points
Crisp and refreshing with a touch of savory; just lovely.
Edison Brewing James Munich Helles Lager
88 points
Malty and very rounded with an almost creamy and slightly candied nature to the malt qualities.
Hofmuhl Hell
87 points
Warm baked bread with a light nuttiness and citrus brightness; a lovely sipper for any occasion.
Sigwart Hell
86 points
A traditional light Lager with just a touch more bitterness which will lend itself to make for a more refreshing option with food pairings.