About Pilsner

About Pilsner
Pilsners are pale to golden straw in color and range in alcohol from 4.5-6%. The hallmark of a fresh pilsner is a dense, white head. The alcohol levels must be such as to give a rounded mouthfeel. These beers are medium-bodied and are characterized by high carbonation and tangy Czech and German varieties of hops that impart floral aromas and a crisp, bitter finish. This style originated in Bohemia in the Czech Republic. German pilsner styles are similar, though often slightly lighter in body and color. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Pilsner Urquell, Paulaner Premium Pils, Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Pilsner and Victory Prima Pils.

Top Picks for Pilsner

Fremont Brewing Golden Pilsner
94 points
A light and super crisp Pilsner with nice length and depth of toasty, hoppy flavor.
Awards: 2023 World Beer Championships Gold Medal - 2023 Best Pilsner
Holland Lager 1839
93 points
Best Buy
Easy drinking with a rich malt forward aromas properly balanced by delicate, citrus hoppy bitterness.
93 points $7.99 Best Buy
Wernesgrüner Brauerei Pils Legende
92 points
Best Buy
A light and refreshing beer with nutty and malty tones on the finish.
92 points $5.99 Best Buy
Bia Saigon Limited Edition Gold Pilsner
91 points
A tasty and refreshing Euro Lager to entice you into seconds and thirds.
Lift Bridge Brewery Getaway Pilsner
90 points
A pillowy, refreshing, clean pilsner that satisfies.
Awards: 2022 World Beer Championships Bronze Medal
Wayne Gretzky Hazy Pilsner
89 points
A rock- solid, crushable pilsner for all occasions.
Edison Brewing Patent Pilsner
88 points
Pleasant and easy to drink with malt sweetness and a refreshing crisp bitterness.
Wild Heaven Beer Euro-Style Pilsner
88 points
A new school hopped pilsner with big tropical notes.
Wernesgrüner Brauerei Pils
88 points
A rock-solid pilsner with balanced bitterness and a lively, elegant style.
Kanavan Panimo Sulku Pils
87 points
A fruity, bitter Pilsner that doesn't take itself too seriously.