About Pale Lager

About Pale Lager
True to their name, pale lagers are pale in color and range in alcohol from 4-6%. These beers are generally light to medium-bodied with a light-to-medium hop impression and a clean, crisp malt character. Pale lagers are the standard international beer style as exemplified by products from Miller to Heineken. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager, Birra Moretti Lager and Damm Estrella Damm Lager.

Top Picks for Pale Lager

Damm Brewery Keler Pale Lager
90 points
Old gold color. Aromas of fresh popovers with butter and crispy corn tortillas with a satiny, crisp, effervescent, dryish light body and a graceful, medium-length fresh pico de gallo finish. An easy-drinking everyday Lager that delivers!
Brens German Style Lager
89 points
Yellow color. Aromas and flavors of brioche, cornbread, lime, and chive butter with a satiny, crisp, effervescent, dryish light body and a sleek, medium-length finish. A solid Mexican-Lager-like beer with refreshing acidity and fizz.
Monterrey Cerveza Lager
88 points
Best Buy
Golden straw color. Toasty aromas and flavors of buttered toast, tortilla, and hint of beeswax with a supple, crisp, effervescent, dryish medium body and a smooth, interesting, medium-long finish revealing suggestions of watercress and starfruit. An appealingly crisp and toasty, highly quaffable Lager that is sure to please.
88 points $6.49 Best Buy
Damm Brewery Estrella Damm Pale Lager
88 points
Pale old gold color. Aromas and flavors of whole wheat cracker and wheat germ with a satiny, crisp, effervescent, dry light body and a sleek, interesting, medium-long finish with notes of peppercorn muffin and cucumber skin. A refreshing, creamy-bodied Lager that checks all the boxes.
Holland Lager
86 points
Light gold color. Aromas of wheat crackers, hints of mango skin, orange-cream, caramel, and butter with a silky, bright, spritzy, dryish light body and a seamless, breezy relish finish. A richer Pale Lager that will work well at the table.
Barrow Brewing Co. Lagersaurus Tex
84 points
Brilliant old gold color. Grassy, herbal, minerally aromas of grilled pear and grape salad, succotash, creamed spinach, and black tea with a round, soft, spritzy, moderately sweet medium body and an effortless, amusing, medium-length hominy, honey toast, and turnip and greens finish. A funky, earthy Lager for the table.