About Dortmunder

About Dortmunder
Dortmunders are straw to pale gold in color and range in alcohol from 5-6%. These beers are well-balanced, smooth and refreshing, and tend to be stronger and fuller than other pale lagers or Munich Helles styles. They may also be a shade darker and a touch hoppier. The style originated from the city of Dortmund in northern Germany. The "export" appendage refers to the fact that dortmunder beers were exported to surrounding regions. Today the term “dortmunder” widely refers to stronger lagers brewed for export, though not necessarily from Dortmund. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Great Lakes dortmunder Gold, DAB Original, Three Floyds Jinx Proof and Berghoff DortWunder Lager.

Top Picks for Dortmunder

Vancouver Island Brewing Victoria Lager
89 points
Gold in color, with moderate and funky aromas of soft tropical fruit, toasted grain, and green apple. On the palate, crisp acidity brings flavors of lemon marmalade and egg croissant into a breezy, warming finish. This rock-solid Dortmunder has the fruity nuance of a perfect lunchtime pairing.