About Barrel Aged Ale

About Barrel Aged Ale
The category of barrel-aged beer represents a diverse range of ale and lager styles that have been aged in non-neutral wood. These beers commonly range between 7.5-10% in alcohol with further variations depending on the interpretation of the style. These beers are characterized by both wood-influenced flavors (vanillia, caramel, toast, coconut) and secondary flavors of the alcohol previously aged in the wood (bourbon, scotch whisky, sherry). The overall character of the final beer may also included acetic, lactic or Brettanomyces flavors and aromas resultant of the barrel. A wide variety of base beer styles may be barrel-aged for an additional level of complexity, although barrel-aged versions of darker or more alcoholic styles are among the more common examples. Noteworthy examples of this style include: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Alltech Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Grand Rapids The Mound Maker.

Top Picks for Barrel Aged Ale

Boulevard Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Quad Barrel-Aged Ale
94 points
A delectable barrel-aged cherry delight.
Awards: 2023 World Beer Championships Gold Medal - 2023 Best Barrel-Aged Ale
Edison Brewing AlvAnother Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scottish Ale
85 points
A flavorful and thought provoking barrel-aged beer.
Edison Brewing Gus Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter
84 points
A rich and inviting barrel-aged beer that would make for some fun brew pub food pairings.