About Fruit and Specialty Beers from Spain

About Fruit  and  Specialty Beers from Spain
Beer in Spain lags far behind wine in terms of production and what is brewed is often acceptable beer from one of a handful of commercial breweries. Specialty beers do exist, but licensing technicalities have kept this industry down. What is produced is of very good to excellent quality, examples include amber lagers, bocks and pale ales.

Top Picks for Spain

Fruit and Specialty Beers

Damm Brewery Daura Märzen Double Malt Gluten Free
93 points
An estery, chewy, full-flavored Gluten-Free lager to be enjoyed by all, not just those avoiding gluten.
Damm Brewery Daura Damm Gluten Free Lager
90 points
A chewy and satisfying gluten-free lager with great finish and body.
Damm Brewery Free Damm Non Alcoholic Beer
87 points
A crisp, light and satisfying Non-Alcoholic lager.
Damm Brewery Free Damm Tostada Non Alcoholic Beer
85 points
A roasty, malt-centric Non-Alcoholic Beer that offers more brawn and body than anticipated.