About French Wine

About French Wine
Where does one start when discussing wine and France? As well as being one of the two leading wine-producing countries in the world (along with Italy - the numbers are extremely close every year), it is the spiritual birthplace of so many famous wines, from the great red and white Burgundies to the esteemed red wines of Bordeaux as well as the world's finest sparkling wine, Champagne.

While these wines have been celebrated and praised for many decades and can be found on the finest wine lists around the world, there have been problems for French wines in overall sales - the belief that French wines are necessarily expensive does not help. This is especially true with younger buyers, as strict French wine laws have meant that the country's producers are limited regarding innovation. Thus France has lost market share to numerous New World Countries such as the US, Chile and Argentina and even to its neighbor, Italy.

Still, French wines are undisputed as far as respect around the world and there have been some marketing campaigns lately that have driven sales for wines such as Cotes-du-Rhone and those from Provence. It is obvious that French wines will always be held in great regard by consumers and critics alike.

Top Picks for France

Sainte Marguerite En Provence 2022 Fantastique Rosé Côtes De Provence
96 points
Ripe red berries complimented with citrus zest and a voluptuous, round finish make up this absolutely stunning Rosé.
G.H. Mumm NV RSRV Rosé Foujita Brut Champagne
96 points
Well balanced between fruit and baked flavors with complex acidity; a stunning, exceptional example of rosé Champagne that lingers on long after you are finished.
Maison Riche 2021  Haut-Médoc
95 points
Best Buy
Quite delightful and a perfect table wine that will transport you back to memories of warm spring lunches along the Charente.
95 points $17 Best Buy
Aval Cider  Blanc French Cider
95 points
Fun and approachable, with a balancing rustic touch and a gentle kiss of tannin; a delightful introduction to cider.
Aval Cider  Gold French Cider
95 points
Very farmhouse-y without being overly funky; lots of complex flavors that lend themselves well to drinking easily without blowing out the palate.
Sainte Marguerite En Provence 2022 Symphonie Rosé Côtes De Provence
95 points
Balance red fruits, citrus, and savory herbs; a simply beautiful example of Provence Rosé.
G.H. Mumm NV Grand Cordon Brut Champagne
95 points
This is a wonderful everyday Champagne that balances acid with dosage and mild autolysis with citrus fruits, orchard fruits, bramble berries and delicate floral notes.
G.H. Mumm NV Grand Cordon Brut Rosé Champagne
95 points
Simply delicious, and loaded with vibrant red fruit and balanced with refreshing citrus; a prudent host should have one of these chilled at all times for any unexpected occasion that might arise.
Perrier-Jouët NV Grand Brut Champagne
95 points
A beautiful Champagne blend leaning into the red berry flavors that will make this a delicious aperitif as well as an easy companion for a wide range of dinner courses.
Champagne Lallier NV Grand Rosé Brut Champagne
95 points
Delicious red berries, fresh ripe citrus notes and soft bubbles; bring this for summer afternoons on the boat.