About Japanese Wine

About Japanese Wine
Wine in Japan is all about sake; while some write about it being brewed in the manner of a beer, we are defining it as a wine. It is a beverage of ancient traditions that continues to be enjoyed by the elite in Japan as well as the common man - as well as consumers in many countries.

Produced from rice, a typical sake has a pale straw or silver color with aromas ranging from nougat and coconut to melon, dried pineapple and honeyed nuts. Medium-full (alcohol is around 18%), these are best enjoyed with Asian or fusion cuisine.

Sake is generally served at room temperature or slightly chilled. A sake that is heated and then served is probably not of the highest quality.

Top Picks for Japan

Akashi Tai  Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Sake
95 points
A creamy, almost dessert like Sake with the aromas and flavors of custard and fruit.
Hiro  Gold Junmai Daiginjo Sake
95 points
Subtle and nuanced with an excellent complexity of flavors; a simply delightful, more modern take on Sake.
Hiro  Blue Junmai Ginjo Sake
93 points
This Junmai Ginjo is soft and pleasing, and will enhance any light seafood preparations, pork and chicken dishes, as well as any sauces with cream.
Eight Crowns  Wildflower Traditional Mead
90 points
Bold floral and fruity aromatics yet soft and elegant from beginning to end; white flowers and candied green melon wrapped in silk.
Wesake  Junmai Ginjo Sake
88 points
Best Buy
A delightful and delicate Junmai Ginjo, perfect for sipping on its own or enjoying with lightly dressed salads and raw seafood.
88 points $4 Best Buy
Manotsuru Rumiko  Daiginjo Sake
87 points
This Sake is expressive and lovely, with delicate hints of fruit; enjoy it chilled as a pre-dinner drink or with a teriyaki dinner.
Hiro  Red Junmai Sake
87 points
An earthy and savory sipper with light floral and fruit tones that will be a great companion for tofu dishes and ramen.