About Panamanian SPIRITS

The leading spirit in Panama, as one might imagine, is rum. While there are entry level examples made here - including some fruit and honey-flavored versions - there are also some outstanding examples, some aged for fifteen years or longer. Displaying flavors of caramel and praline, these are fabulous sipping rums.

There are also rum liqueurs made in Panama as well as numerous examples of excellent aguardiente.
Top Picks for Panama
Rum Jumbie
Rum Liqueur
Bright copper color. Fruity aromas and flavors of tropical fruit punch soda, vanilla cola, and tobacco with a glycerous, tangy, moderately sweet medium body and a warming, interesting, medium-length spiced orange, nuts, pepper, and fruity gum finish. A fun, spicy orange liqueur for cocktails.
85 points $19.99
Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab