About Aperitivo

About Aperitivo
Broadly speaking, an aperitivo drink is any beverage intended to "open up the palate" and is drunk before a meal. An aperitivo liqueur is typically bitter, light, and served in spritz with sparkling wine and/or mineral water. Campari and Aperol are two well-known products in this category.

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91 points
Neon red color. Complex aromas of bitter orange, cinnamon, gentian, baked peach, ginger powder, ginseng tincture, coriander, and cardamom with a satiny, bright, bittersweet medium body and a polished, complex, medium-long black licorice, strawberry tisane, grapefruit pith, and vanilla finish. A very attractive bitter liqueur with loads of complex spices that will make excellent spritzes and aperitivo cocktails.
Awards: 2018 Best Aperitivo
91 points $29.99
Galliano LAperitivo Liqueur
88 points
Best Buy
Light red color. Herbal aromas and flavors of gentian, bitter orange, grapefruit zest, cinnamon, watermelon rind, dandelion, and lemon lime soda with a glycerous, soft, bittersweet light-to-medium body and a seamless, breezy finish with notes of raspberry leaf finish. A solid bitter liqueur to open up the palate in pre-dinner cocktails.
88 points $17.99 Best Buy
Rosa 22 Rosé Aperitivo Liqueur
84 points
Brilliant pink coral color. Confected aromas of watermelon candies, strawberry gummies, bitter orange, and cinnamon sun tea with a glycerous, bright, sweet light body and a smooth, brisk apple confection, sugar cube, and peach gummies finish. A very sweet and fruity cocktail ingredient with a hint of bitter orange character; a fine introduction to the aperitivo liqueur for the uninitiated.