About Liqueurs from Ukraine

About Liqueurs from Ukraine
As you might imagine from a former Soviet republic, vodka is the primary spirit produced in Ukraine. Quality is excellent and most are produced in a traditional Russian style to be flavorless and ultra smooth. Horilka is another Ukranian specialty spirit; the term can refer to vodka or several other types of spirits. Most examples are flavored with some fruit, be it blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries or several other types. Alcohol levels are around 20%. There are commercial as well as numerous examples of home-made versions of Horilka.

Top Picks for Ukraine


Yanhelivka Ratafia Aperitif Liqueur
85 points
Clear straw color. Aromas of fresh dill, ginger powder, dill pickle, and lemon balm and mesquite with a glycerous, soft, moderately sweet medium body and a polished, delightful, fast black garlic, lemon zest and vanilla, black peppercorn on popcorn, and cinnamon and bay leaf finish. A fun and lighthearted dill liqueur for cooking, shooting, or crafting cocktails; a wonderful addition to the secret ingredient list.