About Colombian SPIRITS

Rum is an important spirit in Colombia; aged rums range from three years maturation to almost ten; a number of these aged rums are value priced. The lighter, non-aged rums are made for mixing with fruit juice in cocktails.

The most important spirit in Colombia, however is aguardiente. This is a clear spirit distilled from sugar cane molasses and anise seed; it is similar in many ways to grappa from Italy. It is served in small shot glasses after dinner or sometimes used as the base for an aguardiente sour, which is mixed with orange and lime juice.
Top Picks for Colombia
Licor de Cafe Gran Reserva
Dark brown color. Lively, attractive, inviting aromas of fresh roasted coffee, toasty nut brittle, and dark chocolate with a velvety, bright, dryish medium-full body and a polished, interesting, medium-length charred nuts and dark toast finish. A rock solid coffee liqueur.
89 points $19.50 Best Buy
Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab
Crema de Whisky
Creamy copper color. Delicate, creamy aromas of fruity caramel candies and butterscotch with a soft, sweet medium-full body and a tingling, medium-long flan, thick whipped cream, and pancake syrup finish. A thick, super creamy liqueur.
84 points $9.50
Date Tasted: in our Chicago tasting lab