About Flavored Vodka

About Flavored Vodka
Since Vodka tends to be a neutral spirit, it lends itself to blending with flavors and fortifying other beverages. In the 19th century, high-proof "Russian spirit" was held in high esteem by Sherry producers in Spain, who imported it to fortify their wines.

Neutral spirits are still used to fortify Port, Sherry, and other types of fortified wines, although the source of alcohol for such purposes these days tends to be the vast "wine lake" that has been created by European Union agricultural practices.

Flavored Vodkas have been produced from the start, originally to mask the flavor of the first primitive Vodkas, but later as a mark of the distiller's skill. The Russians and Poles in particular still market dozens of flavors.

Top Picks for Flavored Vodka

Polugar No. 3 Caraway Vodka
96 points
A nuanced, distinctive, flavorful vodka that offers delicious new experiences.
Awards: 2022 Best Flavored Vodka
Stolichnaya Cucumber Vodka
95 points
Best Buy
A fresh, easy-drinking cucumber Vodka that won't let you down.
95 points $19 Best Buy
O’Leary’s 1871 Vapor Infused Cinnamon Vodka
94 points
A dry and spicy Flavored Vodka with true-to-life flavors; a flavored vodka for grown-ups.
Veil Botanic Grapefruit & Rose Flavored Vodka
94 points
Best Buy
A botanical vodka with lots of style; pleasingly dry for easy cocktailing.
94 points $14 Best Buy
Zubrówka Bison Grass Flavored Vodka
94 points
A mildly flavored vodka to add weight and texture to cocktails.
94 points $24.26
Heritage Distilling Co. Ds Seasoned Vodka
94 points
A rich, savory and delicious flavored vodka exclusively for superior bloody mary's.
94 points $27.50
Stolichnaya Hot Jalapeno Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
A dark, savory mood of a Vodka that's super distinctive and complex; bartenders take note.
93 points $22 Best Buy
Rosa Vodka Natural Rose Water Flavored Vodka
93 points
A dry, clean, almost neutral vodka with a very subtle hint of rose petals on the palate; while quite shy at first, each sip grows the flavor intensity. This will be a lovely vodka for elegant cocktails that need a subtle floral twist.
93 points $29.99
Stolichnaya Lime Flavored Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
Sweet, somewhat herbal citrus flavors brighten the palate in this fresh and effortlessly drinkable Flavored Vodka.
93 points $19 Best Buy
Dixie Black Pepper Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
A fresh and spicy vodka for tasty and distinctive summer cocktails.
93 points $17.99 Best Buy