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May 2019 - Willcox Wine Country Competition

May 2019 - Willcox Wine Country Competition
This month's Wine feature is Willcox Wine Country Competition Wines

Willcox Wine Country Competition Reviews

Carlson Creek Vineyard 2014  Sangiovese
95 points
An exceptional rich, deep and remarkably Italian-like Sangiovese that brings to mind notions of old traditional Brunello and a hint of lambic-like Brett.
Pillsbury Wine Company 2016 Diva Rhone Red Blend Cochise County, Arizona
95 points
A graceful and pure Rhone varietal blend from Arizona with elegant integration of minerality and fruit; extra kudos are due to superb taming of Petite Sirah's oft-fiesty tannins.
High Lonesome Vineyard 2017  Malbec
94 points
An explosively fruity Malbec with vivid berry notes.
Keeling Schaefer Vineyards 2018 Best Friends Viognier
92 points
Best Buy
A tasty and balanced Viognier that's easy to love.
92 points $15 Best Buy
Pillsbury Wine Company 2016 Roan Red Blend Cochise County, Arizona
92 points
A charmingly rustic, balanced and table-friendly red with wide appeal.
Pillsbury Wine Company 2016 Special Reserve Petite Sirah
92 points
A peppery, spicy Petite Sirah that will find a match with grilled lamb.
Carlson Creek Vineyard 2015  Sauvignon Blanc
91 points
A distinctive and fresh Sauvignon Blanc with delicate herbal inflection.
Keeling Schaefer Vineyards 2014 Partners Rhone Blend Cochise County, Arizona
90 points
Best Buy
A distinctive, savory red from Arizona with a rustic, Italian swagger.
90 points $18 Best Buy
Carlson Creek Vineyard 2015 Rule of Three Red Blend Arizona
89 points
A juicy, nuanced red that offers an elegant and intriguing dinner companion.
Keeling Schaefer Vineyards 2014 Three Sisters Syrah
88 points
An inky, rustic Syrah in a highly pairable style.
Carlson Creek Vineyard 2017  Chardonnay
88 points
A dreamy, creamy Chardonnay from Willcox with instantly appealing pastry aromas.
Pillsbury Wine Company 2017 Bonnie Lee Malvasia
87 points
A nice balance of richness and elegant floral notes makes this a unique and conversation-worthy Malvasia for pairing with Mediterranean fare.
Pillsbury Wine Company 2017 Wildchild White Blend Cochise County, Arizona
86 points
A soft and delicately fruity quaffer for a hot summer day.
Keeling Schaefer Vineyards 2015 Farmers Mourvedre
85 points
A ripe Mourvedre with heady notes of dried fruit.
Carlson Creek Vineyard 2017 Rosé Grenache
85 points
A fiery coral-red color attracts the eye to this distinctive rose.
Pillsbury Wine Company 2017  Chardonnay
85 points
A reserved and pleasing Chardonnay that will be a great anytime sipper.
Keeling Schaefer Vineyards 2018 Rosé Grenache
84 points
A crisp quaffer that offers laid-back summertime refreshment.
Keeling Schaefer Vineyards 2016 Two Reds Grenache
83 points
A distinctive Grenache best for midsummer pairings.