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October 2020 - Brandy

October 2020 - Brandy
This month's Spirits feature is Brandy

Brandy Reviews

Ferrand Selection des Anges XO Cognac
94 points
A memorable Cognac that truly stands out from the others; an exotic, traveling finish full of tropical fruits, nuts and mouthwatering minerality.
Awards: 2020 Best Cognac
Catan Pisco Reserve
89 points
A delicate, fruity and floral Pisco with a sliky-smooth gentle finish; excellent for stirred cocktails and even sipping neat.
89 points $34.99
Nyak VS Cognac
88 points
A solid VS cognac that's a snap to cocktail with; rich and fruity.
Vecchia Romagna Tre Botti Dark Brandy
88 points
A fuller-bodied, spicy brandy with layers of oak and fruit.
Kvint XO Surprise 10 Year Aged Brandy
87 points
Dreamy oak shines in this sippable brandy.
Seignette VS Cognac
87 points
A lifted and bright cognac that will work well in a variety of thoughtfully crafted cocktails.
Gran Gala VS Cognac
86 points
A highly mixable, slightly yeasty cognac that is a good match to champagne cocktails.
Courvoisier Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition Specialty Spirit
86 points
A fruity, peppery option for curious Cognac drinkers; a tasty cocktail option that will offer a different spin on the classics.
Star Union Spirits Apple Fruit Brandy
86 points
Toasty oak and orchard fruit mingle in this fun and mixable immature fruit brandy.
Star Union Spirits Cherry Fruit Brandy
86 points
A delicate fruit brandy with hints of baking spices; an easy intro to barrel aged spirits.
E&J Distillers XO Extra Smooth Brandy
85 points
A rich, chocolatey brandy with lots of mixing possibilities; try in Alexanders, with cola, root beer and more.
E&J Distillers Vanilla Brandy
85 points
A sweet and fruity flavored brandy for mixed drinks; try with sodas and juices.
E&J Distillers VS Brandy
84 points
Best Buy
A fruity brandy for easy mixing.
84 points $10 Best Buy
E&J Distillers VSOP Superior Reserve Brandy
84 points
A rich, vanilla-centric brandy that is a great match to cola.
Star Union Spirits Immature Brandy
84 points
A young, oaky brandy for cocktail play.
E&J Distillers Apple Brandy
83 points
Sweet apple flavors shine in this candy flavored brandy.
HARTLEY VSOP Flavored Brandy
82 points
A distinctive mash-up of flavors makes this a curious spirit to mix with sodas and juices.
E&J Distillers Peach Brandy
80 points
A fruity, candied brandy for easy mixed drinks.