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July 2020 - Gin

July 2020 - Gin
This month's Spirits feature is Gin

Gin Reviews

District Made Barrel Rested Ivy City Gin
96 points
A complex, lengthy barrel aged gin that will make stupendous stirred cocktails; dive into a pour of this flavor bomb to discover notes of citrus, spice, pastry and more.
Awards: 2020 Best Barrel Aged Gin
Sipsmith London Dry Gin
94 points
An alluring blend of sultry botanicals both intrigue and uplift; a deliciously concentrated and distinctive gin.
Wild Poet Irish Gin
92 points
A pervasive gin with bold flavors that delight the senses; make a stunning Martini with this dry gin.
Cadée Epic Sht Bourbon Barrel Finished Gin
91 points
A delicate and gratifying barrel-aged gin that will play well in stirred cocktails.
FEW Breakfast Gin
90 points
A mild and creamy genever-like gin with very subtle botanicals coupled with a creamy, highly sippable texture.
90 points $34.99
Fid Street Hawaiian Gin
89 points
A complex and punchy gin for intensely refreshing gin and tonics.
89 points $34.49
Chemist Barrel Rested Aged Gin
89 points
Balanced and craveable; give this barrel-aged gin a try in stirred cocktails or simply pour over ice.
Wembley Pride of Wembley Premium Dry Gin
88 points
Best Buy
A balanced and pleasing gin that offers a contemporary take on the classic style.
88 points $13.99 Best Buy
Salcombe Rosé Sainte Marie Gin
88 points
A floral, balanced gin with delicate flavors; try in martinis, gin and tonics, French 75's and more.
Chemist Navy Strength Gin
88 points
A bold, fresh and herbal gin with a potent strength and mentholated vibe; try in savory cocktails!
District Made Ivy City Gin
87 points
A peppery, pervasive gin with coating, lasting flavors; silky and potent.
Mythology Distillery Needle Pig Gin
87 points
A citrusy dry gin for refreshing tonics
Russell Henry London Dry Gin
87 points
A spicy, slightly savory gin that will pair nicely in all manner of classic cocktails, especially those containing vermouth.
Chemist American Gin
86 points
A rock solid gin that will play well in any number of cocktails.
Woody Creek Roaring Fork Gin
85 points
Complex, spicy flavors well-mingled; this gin will play well in any classic cocktail.
85 points $34.99
Cadée Intrigue Gin
84 points
A mild gin that could be a nice crossover for vodka drinkers; try in a red snapper.
Cadée Bloody Good London Dry Gin
83 points
An herbaceous gin for spring cocktails.