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March 2020 - Vodka

March 2020 - Vodka
This month's Spirits feature is Vodka

Vodka Reviews

Russian Standard Platinum Vodka
95 points
A highly neutral vodka that offers a easy-sipping experience; a clean canvas to color with creative cocktail ingredients.
95 points $30.35
Zubrówka Bison Grass Flavored Vodka
94 points
A mildly flavored vodka to add weight and texture to cocktails.
94 points $24.26
Heritage Distilling Co. Ds Seasoned Vodka
94 points
A rich, savory and delicious flavored vodka exclusively for superior bloody mary's.
94 points $27.50
Dixie Black Pepper Vodka
93 points
Best Buy
A fresh and spicy vodka for tasty and distinctive summer cocktails.
93 points $17.99 Best Buy
NEFT Vodka
92 points
A silky-smooth and mild vodka that will shine in martinis and neat pours.
92 points $32.99
BRU Vodka
90 points
Best Buy
A creamy, slightly fruity vodka with a lot of character; a creative option for craft cocktails.
90 points $16.99 Best Buy
Grainger’s Deluxe Organic Vodka
90 points
Best Buy
A clean and dry vodka that offers a blank canvas backbone for creative cocktails.
90 points $17.99 Best Buy
Crater Lake Hatch Green Chile Vodka
90 points
A very spicy and natural-tasting pepper vodka that will add a blast of heat to summer cocktails.
90 points $24.99
Crater Lake Pepper Vodka
89 points
A spicy hot pepper vodka to add natural zest and heat to cocktails.
89 points $24.99
Platinum 10X Vodka
88 points
Best Buy
A silky vodka that's rife for the mixing; try in everything from martinis to mules.
88 points $13.99 Best Buy
Integré Vodka
88 points
Best Buy
A creamy vodka that will play very well in shaken cocktails; easy-to-love.
88 points $17.99 Best Buy
Silver Star Texas Vodka
88 points
Best Buy
A smooth and luxurious vodka for elegant cocktails or sipping neat.
88 points $18.99 Best Buy
Stalinskaya Blue Extra Strong Vodka
87 points
Best Buy
A spicy, savory vodka for creative craft cocktails and spicy bloody marys; character-rich.
87 points $14.99 Best Buy
Pure Class Premium Potato Vodka
86 points
Rich buttery character shines in this distinctive, flavorful vodka built for craft cocktails.
86 points $22.99
Stalinskaya Silver Filtered Vodka
85 points
A clean vodka with notes of fresh grain and peppery heat.
85 points $14.99
Dixie Peach Vodka
85 points
A flavor-packed vodka with pounds of sweet stone fruit character.
85 points $17.99
District Made Pot-Distilled Vodka
85 points
A grainy, character-rich vodka with silky texture; the whiskey-lovers vodka
85 points $24.99
Heritage Distilling Co. Bacon Vodka
85 points
A totally unique smoked sweet meat treat in a glass.
Cadée Vodka
84 points
A rough-riding vodka for mixed drinks.
Heritage Distilling Co. Sweet Ghost Pepper Vodka
83 points
A spicy, vegetal flavored vodka for distinctive cocktails.
Fifth State Simply Celery Vodka
80 points
A weird and wily vodka that confounds the senses.