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October 2019 - Liqueurs

October 2019 - Liqueurs
This month's Spirits feature is Liqueurs

Liqueurs Reviews

Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre Liqueur
95 points
Golden amber color. Aromas of dried orange peel, ripe apple, preserved cherries, spiced tea, and dried figs and dates with a satiny, bright, sweet light-to-medium body and a polished, medium-length ripe banana, baked peach, dark chocolate, cinnamon pastry, and honey finish. A rich and complex flavored brandy liqueur to add nuance, lift and body to stirred cocktails.
95 points $69.99
Averna Amaro Siciliano Liqueur
94 points
Brown black color. Aromas and flavors of rosemary, black tea, chicory, cacao nibs, cedar, anise, and menthol with a glycerous, lively, very sweet medium-to-full body and a graceful, layered, long finish with suggestions of black coffee, chocolate-covered caramel, charred nuts, and cinnamon Danish finish. A rock solid bitter liqueur with bold aromas and a silky smooth, balanced palate.
94 points $30.99
Sovrano Limoncello Cream Liqueur
93 points
Opaque creamy straw yellow color. Inviting aromas and flavors of lemon chiffon cake, buttercream, vanilla custard, and lemon bar with a creamy, vibrant, very sweet full body and a graceful, medium-length finish with accents of lemon shortbread cookies and whipped cream finish. A decadent, creamy lemon liqueur that’s easy to love.
93 points $12.99
Righteous Seven® Liqueur
93 points
Bright reddish mahogany color. Fruity aromas of cherry preserves, chocolate bar, toasted coconut, mocha, and whipped creme with a satiny, crisp, very sweet medium body and an even, appealing, medium-length dried figs and dates, prunes, black forest cake, and rooibos tea finish. Delicious rich flavors of forest fruits and chocolate make this a nuanced liqueur that will add complexity and interest to a wide array of cocktails.
Clément Créole Shrubb Liqueur DOrange
93 points
Gold color. Aromas and flavors of Seville orange zest, dark chocolate, dried figs, and licorice with a round, vibrant, sweet light-to-medium body and a warming, intricate, medium-long finish with overtones of raisins and roasted nuts, marmalade, and cinnamon finish. A tasty brandy-based fruit liqueur with great depth of flavor; delicious in complex cocktails or simply on the rocks.
93 points $32.99
Sovrano Limoncello Original Liqueur
92 points
Nearly opaque bright yellow color. Aromas of fresh lemon peel, hint of peppermint, lemon verbena, and lemongrass with a round, crisp, sweet medium body and a smooth, interesting, medium-length lemon-poppyseed scone and lemon marmalade finish. A naturally vibrant limoncello, a concentrated and pure expression that will work beautifully in cocktails and punches.
92 points $12.99
Foro Amaro Speciale Liqueur
92 points
Mahogany color. Aromas and flavors of cola, licorice, orange zest, tiramisu, and chamomile with a round, crisp, fruity medium body and a smooth, easy finish conveying suggestions of chocolate-covered figs, alpine herbs, and orris root finish. A rich and round amaro that’s exceptionally well balanced.
92 points $28.99
Verino Apostalagma Ouzo Liqueur
92 points
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of licorice, candy-coated aniseed, dried mint, and caraway with a silky, bright, moderately sweet light body and a warming, breezy finish. An outrageously smooth and balanced anise spirit for cocktails, highballs, and more.
Faretti Biscotti Liqueur
91 points
Golden amber color. Roasted aromas and flavors of roasted hazelnut. fennel, cashew, anisette biscotti, almond macaron, candied orange peel, old fashioned donut, and coconut cream with a velvety, crisp, sweet light body and a smooth, refreshing, medium-length finish that shows elements of mocha and caramel finish. A rich and appealing hazelnut liqueur to slip into coffee cocktails for a decadent treat.
91 points $28.99
Kuma Turmeric Liqueur
91 points
Neon gold color. Aromas and flavors of basil, bay leaf, gentian, saffron, cinnamon, turmeric, mint, and peppercorns with a velvety, bright, sweet medium body and an effortless, medium-length finish that shows notes of Meyer lemon marmalade and coriander finish. Dried herbs and spices fill this turmeric liqueur with complexity; a bright and interesting cocktail component.
Granada-Vallet Bitter Pomegranate Liqueur
90 points
Crimson red color. Aromas of gentian, vanilla, strawberry, bitter orange peel, allspice, and cinnamon with a satiny, bittersweet medium body and a smooth, snappy peppercorns, wormwood, newsprint, moldy tree stump, and dusty cabinets finish. A bright and boldly bitter liqueur to open up the palate.
90 points $24.99
Verino Mastiha Liqueur
90 points
Clear color. Aromas and flavors of iceberg lettuce and jicama with a round, crisp, fruity medium body and a polished, fast finish with nuances of melon rind, aloe, celery, and green cardamom finish. A subtlety herbaceous liqueur to pair with light and airy vodka cocktails; unique and playful.
St. Elder Pamplemousse Liqueur
88 points
Best Buy
Pale pink color. Aromas and flavors of pink grapefruit, fresh cut grass, and carnation with a satiny, crisp, very sweet light-to-medium body and a sleek, relaxed finish with accents of sliced cucumber, grapefruit curd, and rhubarb finish. A silvery pink grapefruit liqueur with great flavor; pair with gin or sparkling wine for cheerful spring cocktails.
88 points $19.99 Best Buy
Clément Mahina Coconut Liqueur
88 points
Clear color. Baked aromas and flavors of coconut candy, baked peach, pastry, and grilled veggies with a soft, bright, sweet thin body and a brisk finish. A complex coconut liqueur with intricate layers of agricole rum and vibrant tropical coconut.
88 points $24.99
Pallini Limoncello Liqueur
88 points
Hazy bright yellow color. Citrusy aromas and flavors of citron, lemon drop candies, lime peel, and coriander with a silky, vibrant, sweet light-to-medium body and a graceful, medium-length finish with notes of lemon meringue pie finish. A vibrant limoncello that packs pounds of citrus flavor into each sip.
88 points $26.99
Verino Tentura Liqueur
88 points
Copper color. Aromas and flavors of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, anise, cola, and chicory with a round, vibrant, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth, relaxed finish with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, cashew butter, and ginseng finish. A smooth and creamy spiced liqueur that’s easy to slip into whiskey and rum cocktails.
Gozio Amaretto Liqueur
87 points
Amber color. Nutty aromas of amaretti cookies, apricot stone, almond paste, and biscotti with a lean, bright, sweet light body and an effortless, brisk lemon almond scone, soaked cakes, and maraschino cherries finish. A mild, light-bodied amaretto liqueur for classic amaretto sours.
Sovrano Orangello Cream Liqueur
86 points
Opaque creamy golden straw color. Creamy aromas of lemon yogurt, pound cake, marmalade, Swiss meringue, and cheesecake with a creamy, bright, very sweet full body and a silky, interesting, medium-length lemongrass, taro custard, almond sponge cake, and lemon blossom finish. Totally decadent; think of this as citrusy drinking custard.
86 points $12.99
St. Elder Blood Orange Liqueur
86 points
Minutely hazy silvery salmon pink color. Aromas of ruby red grapefruit flesh, basil, and lilac with a satiny, vibrant, bittersweet light-to-medium body and a tingling, delightful, medium-length juicy grapefruit, peppery, and orange seeds finish. A juicy citrus liqueur that offers herbaceous nuance; a balanced and flavorful addition to add complex citrus notes to cocktails.
86 points $19.99
Kringle Cream Liqueur
86 points
Slivery straw color. Aromas of malted milk, egg nog, cappuccino foam, and white chocolate with a creamy, crisp, moderately sweet medium body and a medium-length soft cookies, buttercream, and whipped cream finish. A pillowy cream liqueur for boozy coffee drinks.
86 points $21.99
Amaro Angeleno Liqueur
86 points
Dark gold color. Herbal, savory aromas of gentian, roasted agave, melon, toasted sesame, caramelized pineapple, and soy glazed green beans with a satiny, vibrant, bittersweet light-to-medium body and a smooth, medium-length lemon pith and wormwood finish. A distinctively savory liqueur with a bitter backbone for cocktail play.
Geijer Glögg California Fernet Liqueur
85 points
Mahogany color. Spicy aromas of cinnamon, mace, black tea, cardamom, and cologne with a velvety, bright, bittersweet medium-to-full body and a smooth, subtle, medium-long cola, bitter herbs, hint of menthol, and licorice finish. A bold and spicy bitter that will play well in a wide variety of cocktails or as a digestivo after dinner.
ABK6 Cinnamon Liqueur
84 points
Golden amber color. Spicy aromas and flavors of cinnamon candy, honey yogurt, anise, and nutmeg with a satiny, bright, sweet light-to-medium body and a hot, brisk finish displaying accents of caramel sauce finish. A spicy cinnamon liqueur for daredevil shots.
84 points $24.99
Oregon Spirit Distillers Absinthe
84 points
Chartreuse color. Herbal aromas of anise, tropical fruit, tarragon, oregano, wintergreen, and violet with a silky, soft, bittersweet light-to-medium body and a warming, swift wormwood finish. A rustic, bitter absinthe with bold herbaceous notes; fun for creative cocktail play
Ventura Spirits Limoncello Liqueur
83 points
Clear slivery straw color. Aromas of waxed lemons, lemon slice candies, and radish with a glycerous, crisp, bittersweet light-to-medium body and a easy lemon oil and lemon pith finish. A sweet and citrusy cocktail component.
Old Fourth Distillery Lawndart Liqueur
80 points
Hazy slivery straw color. Herbal aromas and flavors of pickled ginger and water chestnuts with a satiny, bright, off-dry watery body and a peppery, crisp finish. A piquant liqueur to add subtle heat and herbal flavor to spring cocktails.